Sunday, January 13, 2013

Potato Salad

Cut balls from raw potatoes, using a French vegetable cutter. There should be three cups. Cook potato balls with three slices of onion in boiling salted water until tender. Drain, chill and marinate with French Dressing, then cover with Boiled Dressing. Arrange in a mound on serving platter, surrounded with a border of nasturtium blossoms and leaves. Sprinkle top with finely chopped chives.

¼ cup butter.
1¼ teaspoons salt.
1 teaspoon mustard.
¼ teaspoon paprika.
1 tablespoon sugar.
Yolks 4 eggs.
2 tablespoons flour.
¼ cup vinegar diluted with 2 tablespoons water.
1 cup cream.

Process: Melt butter in sauce-pan; add flour mixed with seasonings, add egg yolks slightly beaten and vinegar and water. Cook over hot water until mixture thickens. Cool. Whip cream and fold into mixture. Beat well, chill and serve with potato salad.

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