Thursday, February 18, 2010

Notes on the Preparation of Salads

From "Salads for Breakfast, Dinner, Supper", by Bessie R. Murphy, Rand McNally and Company, Chicago, 1920

In buying lettuce, select round, close heads. The curly variety is tougher than the uncurled. Much dirt gets into lettuce, owing to its growing so near the ground, and great care should be taken in preparing it for the table. Separate the leaves and wash them through several waters, discarding all wilted outer leaves. Leave the lettuce in cold water until it is crisp, then drain it in a wire basket, and place it on or near ice until it is ready to serve.

Careful attention should be paid to the washing of water cress, as non-edibles are often gathered with it. If a little salt is added to the washing water, the many little insects clinging to the cress may be removed easily.

All green salads should be chilled before they are served. Leaves that are too large should be broken, never cut. The dressing for a green salad should never be added until just before the salad is served, as it softens the leaves and spoils both the appearance and the taste of the salad.

Fruits for salads should be washed, freed of skin and seeds, and kept in a cool place. Vegetables for salads should be diced or cut into small pieces of uniform shape. Meats for salads should be freed from gristle and skin and cut into small cubes. Fish should be boned and flaked. Nuts should be cut, not chopped.

What to serve with salads. Salads made from vegetables should always be accompanied by crackers or bread in some form. If plain crackers are used, they should be warmed
just before they are served. Cheese straws or cream-cheese sandwiches are excellent with salads.

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