Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Italian Salad

* 2 herrings, soaked in milk over night.
* 3 boiled potatoes, cut in very small dice.
* 2 tablespoonfuls of cucumber pickles, chopped fine.
* 1 tablespoonful of capers, chopped fine.
* 2 small boiled beets, cut fine.
* ½ a pound (1 cup) of cold roast chicken, cut fine.
* ½ a pound (1 cup) of boiled tongue, cut fine.
* 2 apples, pared and finely chopped.
* 2 carrots, cooked and finely chopped.
* 1 celery root, cooked and chopped.
* ½ a cup of pecan nuts, broken fine.
* A little onion juice.

Mix the ingredients together thoroughly; add mayonnaise to moisten well. Serve on a flat dish. Mask the top with mayonnaise, then divide into squares like a checker-board, using fine-shredded pimento or pickled beet to mark the divisions; fill in alternate squares with sifted yolk of hard-boiled egg and the remaining squares with chopped white of egg. Garnish the edge with parsley, and set in the centre half a hard-boiled egg cut lengthwise in points and filled with capers.

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