Sunday, July 20, 2008

Potato-and-Nasturtium Salad.

1 quart of potatoes, cut in cubes.
½ a cup of chopped gherkins.
1 cup of tender nasturtium shoots, cut in bits.
2 tablespoonfuls of pickled nasturtium seeds.
Onion juice or garlic.
6 tablespoonfuls of oil.
5 tablespoonfuls of vinegar.
Salt and pepper.
Chopped parsley.

Mix the potatoes, gherkins, nasturtium shoots and seeds in a bowl rubbed over with garlic; add the oil, vinegar and seasonings, and mix again. Pile in a mound on a serving-dish, dust with chopped parsley, and garnish with a wreath of nasturtium blossoms and leaves.

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